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Image of the Owner

Mikayla, The Human:

Visionary & Owner


The creation of Root Paws Wellness, LLC is the culmination of Mikayla's passion projects, hobbies and interests, and various trainings that have been years in the making. 

By following a 'traditional' education path, Mikayla obtained her Master's Degree in Food & Agriculture Law & Policy from Vermont Law & Graduate School. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Government Policy from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. 

Mikayla has woven 'non-traditional' education and trainings into her life by allowing her interests to guide her. She is a Certified YOGABODY Breathing Coach; has completed a 200-hour herbal apprentice training program with the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, and she is a Certified Level II Animal Reiki practitioner. 

Mikayla began applying basic herbal wellness and remedies to herself during her time training with the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. Course work included human and plant biology, physiology, chemistry, and hands-on herbal medicine making. Realizing that a dog's major body systems and organs function extremely similar to that of a human's, Mikayla also began applying basic herbal wellness to her dog, Maple. The rest, as they say, is history!

Maple, the Dog:

Brand Manager, Muse, & Taste-Tester

Maple is a mixed Yellow Labrador & Fox Red Labrador. Her pink nose is a genetic variety that also classifies her as a "Dudley Lab." She was born in New Hampshire and lived there for seven weeks before moving to north central Vermont to start her life with her human mom and dad.

Maple has a hyper-focus on tennis balls and can often be found impatiently waiting to play a game of fetch. She enjoys swimming so much that her spirit animal is described as being a beaver.

Maple has basic education in "sit" and "stay" and is trained in ringing a bell to alert her humans when she wants to go outside. Maple provides basic administration support in her role at Root Paws Wellness, LLC, and full-time emotional support!

Image of a dog running through a field.
Photo of dog and owner.
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