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Carving a new path for the wellbeing of companion pets.

Root Paws Wellness offers a unique modality of integrative wellness services for companion pets and the people that love them.


Our premiere "Root Paws Grounding Session" is a one-of-its-kind, 75-minute pet & person wellness session that supports whole bodies and nourishes nervous systems. Sessions are designed to support the pet and person's natural flow of life force energy using the long standing technique of reiki energy therapy, combined with the gentle benefits of sound immersion. Sessions are set up to offer ~25 minutes of reiki energy to the human, ~25 minutes of a sound bath using crystal singing bowls for both individuals, and ~25 minutes of offering reiki energy with the companion pet. BENEFITS MAY INCLUDE: deep relaxation; nervous system hugs & resets; reduced stress and anxiety; overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing; and a deep sense of connection with your animal. 

Through herbal infusions creatively crafted for animals, Root Paws Wellness aims to support your companion's major body systems such as the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems and the liver and kidneys. Most states of dis-ease start with a weakened or blocked flow of energy through the body, paired with overburdened body systems and organs due to the build-up of an array of environmental or diet and 'preventatives'-related toxins.


Every system in your pet's body can be supported through the gentle use of herbal supports and energetic wellness practices. Root Paws Wellness is moving past the "one-size-fits-all" solutions approach to supporting your companion pet's vitality.


Schedule a Grounding Session (located in Stowe, VT) or visit us at the Stowe Farmer's Market on select Sundays until October 20, 2024!

A  complimentary and integrative wellness approach.


Root Paws Wellness, LLC is not formulated or promulgated by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). The services and/or education from this site are not meant to replace or overshadow any advice given by a DVM. If your companion pet is facing a medical emergency or has been diagnosed with a serious, life-threating illness, please contact your DVM.


Root Paws Wellness, LLC is encouraged to be sourced in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine, and not in opposition to. It is your responsibility as your companion pet's human to choose a wellness path that is best for the pet. Root Paws Wellness, LLC offers wonderful services that are complimentary to traditional health care. As such, Root Paws Wellness, LLC takes no responsibility for the health outcome of your companion pet should you choose to utilize our services.


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